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The raw materials and materials that we use

Raw materials, such as polyethylene and polyurethane sponges and EPDM rubber, are cut (skived) on a foam skiving and splitting machine into sheets of various thicknesses. The raw materials from which semi-finished and finished articles are produced include polyurethane, polyethylene, and all kinds of self-adhesive industrial tapes for multiple purposes.

There are no ready-made products in the warehouse, as Everything is produced with high precision and according to the customer’s request. Since each product is specific, we consult with customers in detail about their individual requirements. For example, a sponge that is weakly self-adhesive on one side only.

Why choose us?

Because SSA PANA Foamtec Ltd. is an ideal partner in the technique of adhesive bonding and processing sponge materials. We provide our customers with high-quality and safe products. We are committed to environmental protection, while being constantly focused on reducing the consumption of all the natural resources we use. We are a socially responsible company that cares about its employees, customers, business partners, suppliers, local and national communities. That’s why if you need soundproofing, vibration protection, gaskets, surface leveling, we are the best choice on the market.

Can’t get a certain type of sponge?

We will provide you with special types of sponges, according to your specifications.

Modern technology

The most modern machines provide financially affordable and quick solution for all needed applications.

High standards

We operate according to our own high-quality standards, the kind of which are expected by our customers, and according to internationally recognized standards – ISO 9001.

Company goals

Always new and fresh ideas, efficiency, strategy, motivation, quality, teamwork.